United States President Donald Trump balks at Iran nuclear deal

Donald trump

United States President: Donald Trump have recently plunged in a tension with Iran as the U.S. President declared that Iran is not in compliance with the nuclear accord with world powers, which was signed in 2015. The nuclear deal was signed by Iran and Western Powers in July of 2015th, with the objective that is to prevent and block all potential pathways for Iran to race towards nuclear weapons, and on the other hand: opens the door for Iran’s…

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The State Of The United States Labor Market

Federal Reserve

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released its Employment Situation Summary last February, which contains the data for the first full month of the United States President: Donald Trump’s administration, and some aspects that reveal whether the economic drive from the previous administration has continued. These monthly employment releases will provide accurate real-world data on the economy—beyond just the stock market—to measure the administration’s progress against campaign promises. In accordance to President Donald Trump’s campaign promises, one industry…

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