United States President Donald Trump balks at Iran nuclear deal

Donald trump

United States President: Donald Trump have recently plunged in a tension with Iran as the U.S. President declared that Iran is not in compliance with the nuclear accord with world powers, which was signed in 2015. The nuclear deal was signed by Iran and Western Powers in July of 2015th, with the objective that is to prevent and block all potential pathways for Iran to race towards nuclear weapons, and on the other hand: opens the door for Iran’s international rehabilitation and economic recovery.


Given these statements that Iran is under the Iran nuclear deal, United States President, Donald Trump has claimed that Iran is not following with the deal which lifted sanctions on Iran in exchange for Iran giving up the majority of the country’s supply of nuclear fuel rods. On October 13, 2017, Hassan Rouhani Iran’s President abruptly responded to Donald Trump’s speech, claiming it as a pile of delusional accusations and an insult to the Iranian people.

U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he wanted to force a tighter restrictions on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, Trump also threatened to terminate the Iran nuclear deal of the United States Congress fails to agree to his plans. In addition the Donald Trump also claimed that he would force more monetary sanctions on the entire Iranian Revolutionary Guard, however, he ceased short of declaring the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

In accordance to this, U.S. President: Donald Trump followed up his Iran speech, claiming that the United States President would not be verifying the Iran nuclear deal by also making his administration stood in accord with ordinary Iranians. However, two days later, thousands of Iranians rallied against the regime over charges of corruption, in which some analysts are claiming that protesters were newly encouraged by the United States President’s speech.

In an interview, Maryam Rajavi, head of Iran’s most visibly active opposition group: NCRI or the National Council of Resistance of Iran, claimed that U.S. President Donald Trump’s new policy toward Iran, gave ordinary Iranians hope. Saying that the Iranian people welcomed the new approach by the United States government, which recognizes the suffering of the Iranian people under the regime, and ending years of misguided policy, as well as siding with the Iranian people in the desire for a change of regime and the establishment of freedom and democracy.