Goldman Sachs

If there is one institution on top of the list of most powerful bank in the world, it is the Goldman Sachs. Over the years, despite its early struggles, the business development company has established a marquee name among investors as it became a reputable global institution in the field of financial services. So how is Goldman Sachs playing the game and how does it prove that the banking institution does not suck? Bringing in the A-Game One of…

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Riding on the Surge and Swing of the DAX 30

DAX index - FM-fx

Germany is the largest contributor in the European economy. With its ability to export the most complex products to manufacture and its unique style of government operation, the country has reached a status of being an economic powerhouse in the continent. Meanwhile, the DAX 30, a stock index in Germany, is therefore one of the strong indicators of the nation’s economy and an influential and important benchmark index that investors should watch. Darling of the Bull The DAX, shortened…

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Japan’s Benchmark Stock Average

Nikkei 225 is Japan’s most dependable stock average this is the leading and most trusted Index in Japan.  Nikkei 225 is composed of top blue-chip companies with stock that can be traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the American counterpart of the Japanese Nikkei 225. Nikkei 225 History The Stock average was originally called the Nikkei Dow Jones Average from 1975 to 1985, and is known as the “Nihon Keizai Shumbum” or the…

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