Intel is ahead of the game with its Q4 earnings report

Intel Q4 earning report

Intel was established by two unhappy engineers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore in 1968. Who knew that quitting their jobs would make them successful? Intel today is earning more than $14 billion for its Q4 throughout the years. Below are the impressive numbers that can be found in Intel’s Q4 earnings.

2016 was a blossoming year for Intel, although just like any other prosperous companies, it faced some challenges. This includes Intel abandoning its Atom architecture by getting out of the mobile SoC space completely.

GAAP financial comparison for Intel’s 2016 Q4 earnings

Intel recently released its Q4 year-over-year earnings, setting a new record coming in at $16.4 billion for their revenue. Higher than 10 percent compared from last 2015’s Q4 earning with $14.9 billion. Their gross margin however was down about 2.6 points attaining 61.7 percent versus 2015’s 64.3 percent. Intel added 5 percent on their fourth quarter operating income getting $4.5 billion versus $4.3 billion on the previous year.

Intel’s Q4 earnings per share however were 73 cents, declining 1 percent from 2015’s 74 cents. Net income was slightly down by 1 percent with $3.6 billion. Intel’s tax rate edged up by 3.8 points by 19.8 percent from the previous year’s 16.0 percent.

According to Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich, Intel’s fourth quarter had a great finish with its record-setting numbers; driven by taking risk for the improvement of their products and services. Krzanich said that he is pleased with Intel’s 2016 performance and pretty much confident for the future.

As of 2017…

Intel is currently looking forward to its Q1 2017 margin to hit 62 percent and midpoint revenue of $14.8 billion. Zach’s Investment Research, a vendor from NASDAQ, is said to release an estimation earnings report for Intel by April 18, 2017.