Snapchat Announces app Overhaul


Initially released on September 2011, Snapchat is a widely known instant messaging and multimedia mobile app created by Stanford University’s former students: Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy. Originally, Snapchat was focused on private person-to-person photo sharing, its original concept is that photos and messages are only available for a short period of time just before they become inaccessible.   Soon after, new features were added to the app, multi-features like: allowing users to send shorts videos, communicate…

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United States President Donald Trump balks at Iran nuclear deal

Donald trump

United States President: Donald Trump have recently plunged in a tension with Iran as the U.S. President declared that Iran is not in compliance with the nuclear accord with world powers, which was signed in 2015. The nuclear deal was signed by Iran and Western Powers in July of 2015th, with the objective that is to prevent and block all potential pathways for Iran to race towards nuclear weapons, and on the other hand: opens the door for Iran’s…

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Netflix surpasses expectations adding 5.2 million subscribers while stocks soar by more than 10%


­In a report Netflix, the dominant streaming video provider, stated that it added d 5.2 million new subscribers, which blew away the Wall Street’s estimations of 3.23 million during a historically weak quarter despite the return of one its original content like “Orange is the New Black” The second quarter earnings report from Netflix was released early this week, where it just fell an inch away if analyst’s estimates on EPS, and beat on revenue. Shares of the entertainment…

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How Kylie Jenner built a business empire on Lip Kits raging tweets

Kylie Jenner

  Kylie Jenner first released her line of lip kits almost two years ago, and in that short span of time Jenner’s lip kits has taken the internet by storm. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan launched her signature Cosmetics in 2016 which include the popular lip kits, Kyshadows (eye-shadow palettes) and Kyliners (a gel type eyeline that come in a gel pot and a brush). In 18 months, the fast selling cosmetics line has made a surprising $420…

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Even oil couldn’t help Venezuela’s economy


Venezuela is struggling to maintain a healthy economy as the considered rich country has currently been running out of resources. GDP growth per capita of Venezuela between the years 1900 to 1920 grew about 1.8 percent. On the 1960’s till the 1970’s, the Venezuelan government was able to preserve its economy by impartially investing huge amounts on public programs. They’re president Nicolas Maduro ordered an increase in the minimum wage with more than 65 percent in monthly income. He…

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Australia’s Economy: A Brief Look


For over 25 years the Australia economy has recorded remarkable economic progress seemingly unaffected by recession. The economy has enjoyed the assistance of its efficient government system and its excellent legal system and independent bureaucracy along with an abundance of natural resources such as coal, and iron ore – these helped create a healthy economy such as Australia’s. Australia proves to be an enticing place for investment for its available workforce and most industries open to foreign competition. The…

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Inflation in Germany 2017

German flag

In more than four years, the annual inflation rate of Germany has accelerated through its fastest pace, giving ammunition to hawks in the eurozone’s largest economy that are uneasy at the ECB or European Central Bank’s loose monetary policy. In accordance to this, the rise in German inflation went up to 2.2% in February, which is above the ECB’s target rate for the Eurozone to close to but under 2%. In addition, Mr. Wiedmann, one of the most influential…

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IBM’s Earnings in Q1 2017

IBM Logo

Known in the tech industry as the Big Blue, IBM reported a 13pc drop in quarterly earnings and narrower income across business sectors including: Cloud and Watson, its AI business unit. However, things have been a little bit rough for IBM, as their total revenue dropped down for 20th consecutive quarter. The company’s Q1 revenues for 2017 fell short of expectations, reporting a bigger that expected decline for the first time in five quarters. IBM claimed revenues of $18.2…

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The State Of The United States Labor Market

Federal Reserve

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released its Employment Situation Summary last February, which contains the data for the first full month of the United States President: Donald Trump’s administration, and some aspects that reveal whether the economic drive from the previous administration has continued. These monthly employment releases will provide accurate real-world data on the economy—beyond just the stock market—to measure the administration’s progress against campaign promises. In accordance to President Donald Trump’s campaign promises, one industry…

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The ethnic problem Singapore is facing

Singapore ethnic problem

Singapore is one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Singapore might seem like a free state where residents of all ages, religious creeds and races peacefully coexist. The country strongly supports multi racialism and meritocracy, with nearly everyone saying they respect people from all races and that all races should be treated equally. However, this does not mean that discrimination in Singapore does not exist. As Singapore is respected as an ethnically diverse country and that the majority of…

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